Review of Tipex Bet Casino

Review of Tipex Bet Casino

When the landing page for Tipex Bet loads — which, it must be acknowledged, is far faster than many other online casino sites we’ve seen — there are a number of things that stand out. Therefore, for the purpose of rationality, we will discuss each separately as an introduction to this review.

Even if you change the language at the top of the screen to English – which is the default if you’re browsing from an English-speaking country – there remains a significant amount of non-English material. The most crucial information is, luckily, in our own language, so it’s not the worst thing in the world. Second, contrary to what the name may imply to some users, this has nothing to do with the white eraser liquid you may (or may not) have used to repair errors in your school exercise books and deface the pencil tins of your classmates. It is unclear what Tipex truly refers to, although the smart money may be on Tip Expert, as in horse racing advice or similar wager-friendly activities.

This brings us to our third and last point for this introduction: there is no overarching theme on this casino’s website, which is a welcome change if, like us, you have become tired of casino websites inspired by Mexicans, fantasy towns, or ancient Chinese assassins. Unfortunately, this implies that if you enjoy themed casinos, you will be disappointed with this one.

Clear and exhaustive

On a more positive side, the landing page does a good job of conveying how extensive this casino website’s offerings are. As usual, there is a row of clickable menu choices just under the brand emblem and name. These possibilities vary from Sport to Live Casino to Stats to Virtual. So now we know that you may bet on genuine real sports, like with a traditional bookmaker, or you can enter the virtual casino and begin wagering on roulette tables and poker games (Poker is actually a stand alone option of its own).

Simply said, there are an abundance of possibilities here, considerably more than the ordinary casino website, which is always a plus in our book. Despite the language barrier, first impressions are favorable, so let’s see whether the contents live up to these lofty expectations.

A Sporting Odds

We’re huge supporters of being able to wager on real events, and Tipex Bet is among the most extensive options. You may wager on Soccer, or football to those in Europe, Basketball, Cricket, and a variety of other sports. Many of the disciplines have not been adequately translated into English, so although it’s apparent what Basket refers to, we’re not quite sure what Freccette is (although the logo next to the word suggests it has something to do with darts).

There are, of course, many other casino websites that provide a comparable variety of options, but ‘Cinema’ stands out in this area because it offers a novel proposal – one we’ve never seen before: the possibility to wager on the outcomes of major cinema awards and contests. When we tested the site, Oscar season was in full swing, therefore this was the most popular event for wagering. It is a modest but significant component of the website, since it demonstrates that Tipex Bet isn’t content to do what everyone else does.

Use Your Cards Wisely

As previously noted, Tipex Bet provides a comprehensive casino product, which is divided into numerous sections. By picking Poker, you will be directed to the poker section, which has three forms of poker, each with a variety of available games. The three variations are Classic Poker, Live Poker, and 3D Poker. Again, there is a significant amount of non-English content, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure out what the text really means, even if you don’t understand Italian, which is evidently the website’s original language.

Casino is another choice, and it includes Slots, which we’re great lovers of, Specialty Games, which you won’t find anywhere else, and StarGames, which are the most popular of the other options. Again, this is not unique, and there are further possibilities, but the goal of mentioning them is to demonstrate that there is a vast casino offering here, which extends into Live Casino.

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